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Indian engineer killing should be taken as individual act: S Jaishankar

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Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar today went on to say that incident of Indian engineer killing should be treated as an “individual act”. Commerce Secretary Rita Teotia was also present with Foreign Secretary in the meetings that took place with top officials of the Trump’s administration regarding this matter.

Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar further mentioned that killing incident in Kansas should be regarded as an act of an individual.

He further said: Two, the American justice system was at work, it could bring the perpetrators of this act to justice. It is being prosecuted as a hate crime.”

“What we have seen in the last few days, whether it is White House statement, or President’s reference to it in his address to the Congress or what the (House) Speaker said after he met us…almost everybody we met, even people perhaps whose responsibility did not directly deal with this, we heard expressions of deep sorrow, deep regret and a sense of that we should really treat this as an individual act. And the American system and the American society was very much against it,” he said.

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