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Here are three ways smoking affect your health!

Photo used to describe the effects of smoking.

New Delhi: As we all know smoking is injurious to health but still most of the people are addicted to it and finds it difficult to quit knowing about the harmful effect of it on the body. Most of the ...

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Here are some unknown benefits of sunflower seeds!

Photo of sunflower seeds which has unknown nutritional values.

We all like sunflower oil extracted from sunflower seeds but we are unknown about some of the benefits of sunflower seeds for our body and skin. It also is beneficial for our heart and some other body parts because of ...

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Short-term sleep may cause health hazard

Photo related to sleep related problems.

New Delhi: According to a study, not sleeping enough due to hectic work schedule may cause serious health problems and can affect your heart function. The people who work in hospitals and emergency sections are assigned duty during night as ...

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Boy suffers severe electric shock while taking selfie

Photo of a selfie stick which proved dangerous for a 17 year old boy.

A Sivakasi boy named K.Yuvaraj was badly injured while taking a selfie in the Tirunelveli railway yard. Report has it, the incident took place on Sunday when the seventeen year old boy climbed on the top of a crashed van ...

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Three Yoga asanas to cure from Osteoporosis

Combo photo related to Osteoporosis diseases.

On the international World Osteoporosis Day, we would like to share few reasons behind the main cause of osteoporosis which is mainly happen because calcium deficiency in the body. Due to inappropriate lifestyle, lack of body care, consuming less food ...

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Three Methods to get rid of Post-Nasal Drip

Photo related to nose infection.

There are many people who can handle a fever up to 104 degree Celsius but when it comes to things like dizziness, running nose, sore throat, feeling weakness, coughing and congestion, just take me up! Oh God I cannot Handle ...

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Want To Know The Preventives From Air Pollution?

Photo related to Want To Know The Preventives From Air Pollution?

New Delhi: Recently World Health Organisation has declared that 90 percent of the world population is breathing ‘polluted air.’ Nobody wants to be a patient of Asthma, Heart Attacks, Lungs, Heart Diseases and many other diseases which occur due to ...

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Skipping breakfast increase heart related issues

Photo related to heart attack.

New Delhi: In this mundane life we rush to reach work place and one thing that we skip in hurry is “breakfast” but according to new study conducted it could affect our health severely than we might aspect. The study ...

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It Is Not a Myth! Ganga does have Antiseptic Properties

Photo of a holy river Ganga.

Chandigarh: More than 120 million people visit for ‘Ganga Sanaan,’ in 2013 Maha Kumbh Mela on February 10, 2013. The Scientists from the Chandigarh Institute of Microbial Technology (Imtech) found, new type of viruses and 20 to 25 types of ...

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Myths causing blunders in beauty!

Photo of a beautiful Indian girl.

London: In a day to day life we adapt some misconceptions regarding beauty cares. These wrong myths lead to habits which are a blunder in your beauty. People due to some misconceptions continue using wrong methods and make some common ...

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